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I Know How You Feel

An Empathy App


This App helps children understand the concept of empathy and discriminate between appropriate and inappropriate responses for a particular situation.

I Know How You Feel - An Empathy App

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Too Close, Too Far, Just Right

A Game About Personal Space 


  Focused and fun, this game is a gentle way to help kids grasp the idea of personal space and thereby improve their relationships. For 4 to 8 players or teams, with a teacher or therapist. 

Too Close, Too Far, Just Right

Too Much, Too Little, Just Right


This game teaches children to pay attention to tone of voice and observe body language.  They learn to adjust volume, expression, gestures, and other physical cues in order to communicate effectively and achieve greater self-control.  Ideal for 2 to 8 players, this game can be easily used with larger groups or classrooms as well.

Too Much, Too Little Game

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